I had been to Texas a couple of times in the past, but those were just very short business trips. I did like it there, but I still did not know a lot about it. I knew that was going to change because I had just been transferred to our San Antonio office. I was very excited because it meant a really nice raise plus I knew I was heading in the right direction for my career. I went online to start looking at San Antonio apartments the same day I found out that I got the promotion.

I knew that I wanted to live in an apartment because I was still hoping to move up the corporate ladder which would ultimately take me to our nation’s capitol, which is where my company’s headquarters are located. That still meant that I would need to spend at least two or three years at this location, and I knew it would be easier to just have an apartment rather than go through the motions of buying a house and having to resell it in just a few years if everything works out for me the way I hope it does.

When I looked at apartments, I really liked what I saw with the Niche Apartments. The apartments themselves are really nice, and there were quite a few floor plans I was able to choose from. What I liked even better though were the amenities that were offered there. I always work out before heading to the office, which was hard at times since I had to go halfway across town to the gym before. This complex has a fitness center, which cuts down on my time in the morning since returning home to get ready for work just means a minute’s walk rather than a 20 minute drive. I think I’m really going to like it here!

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